szerda, március 23

Faster! 22nd August 1944. Les Ormes, France

    On the 22nd of August 1944 an SAS patrol with two jeeps was
travelling on the road behind enemy lines towards a little French
village Les Ormes. Derrick Harrison was the member of this five man

patrol. As they reached the village border they saw a curl of thick
black smoke. Then a women came across to them on bicycle she told them
that SS soldiers gathered civilians around on the main square of the
village and about to execute them. There was no time to call the
French resistance so the patrol decided to attack immediately. The two
jeeps went in separately. Harrison and his driver Jimmy Hall went to
the main square, where thanks to their surprise attack the civilians
could escape. The SS forces returned fire. Jimmy Hall died at the
beginning of the firefight and their jeep got disabled as well.
Harrison was left on his own and got several wounds but he could pin
down the enemy till the others, Faunchois, Stewart and
Breaton got there with the other jeep. He only got time and strength
left to climb up to the moving vehicle and get out of the village as
fast as they could.

Thanks to their valor the civilians could escape the Germans lost sixty
killed or wounded and withdrew from the village after the skirmish.

This historical event was the inspiration of this diorama.

hétfő, december 14

JP project proceed..

After some months brake I could make some weathering on the cat. But I don't stop here.. I hope you like it !

csütörtök, július 16

Der Rote Nebel

...well, after a long time i have finished this vignette.
Please enjoy the final result.
New project is on the TRACK!;)


hétfő, július 13

Faster! SAS diorama WIP #2 the base is finished.

I have finished the base of my diorama, only minor corrections missing, and of course the "actors"

And a little preview how the jeep and crew will be set:

szombat, június 27

Painted JagdPanter - 1st. Steps

I could start the painting a little bit later because I had to revise the built J.P.
I took illustrations of some publications as basis but those're incorrect. The built version has never been produced.
Therefore I chose the hard edge painted JPs and gathered the available pictures and known information. Based on these about 10 pcs were produced with this scheme in December 1944, most likely by MBA. Because of their pieces I think this is an intresting theme.
As you can see I painted the main pattern with 3 colours, and there are some chafing on the armour plates. In the next weeks I'm going to make further chipping and weathering on the JP.
   I welcome the comments.

hétfő, február 2

The Big Cat

Hi all,
Some years ago this cat was built up but it foundered in the painting process. In last weeks I found some interesting pictures about it and these made me motivated to start again this project.
I didn't build up this Cat based on a concrete photo rather in an imaginative situation with a realistic painting, somewhere in west Germany, March of 1945.
Here you can see the result of building phase.
The painting will be soon...

szombat, szeptember 13

Faster! SAS Diorama WIP

After a few years break, this is my new diorama. An SAS jeep will be running down the street, out from a French village with 4 men on board. Three crew members and one injured from another jeeps crew.
The story is based on the historical event, which took place in Les Ormes 22nd aug. 1944. 

vasárnap, augusztus 24

The vignette composition

The project: the scene is Hungary, 5th of January, 1945, at the northern entrance of the village Szomor, in the Konrad operation. The strained Totenkopf soldiers are waiting for the next battle. The figures are from Evolution, Alpine, and a modified Miniart.

Here is a T&N from Mirko Bayerl about the concrete location. (Thanks Mirko all the help!)
This photo has inspired me...

(Note that the schwimmwagen stand opposite, just for the better composition.)