kedd, augusztus 31

Pz III/L painting after building

Dear Visitors,

After little pressure break the Pz III/L project is continue again.
I had been questing long time before I decided for Pz's camo pattern. Many manding appeared from summer of '43 on the eastern front. This Pz was pertaining in strength of Totenkopf where the painting hasn't been accreted yet.This gave me a little free hand in made of camo. ( certainly by right of archive photos )
After building it got a black primer colour. I always use Gunze colors for painting, because that can use well for airbrush painting. Pz's basic colour is Dark Yellow and the staines are USAF green that I brightned with white in different rate.

Some pics:

csütörtök, augusztus 26


I have started this model a yer ago, but had a big break in the building phase.
I have now restarted it, and this is the stage where I am now.
The main sections are not glued togeather yet.
I have used the DML Jaboschreck gun whit its own PE. I am not completly satisfied with the kit. Bad fitting, for a DML kit I have expected better. The PE parts are not so well engeneered as the leading PE manufacturers sets but it's do the job.