kedd, szeptember 28

Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 12: Dry brushing and chip paint

In this stage i made the dry brushing with the camo colors lighter versions, and applied some scratch and wear on the vehicle. (The sandbag is unpainted)
I changed the background of the photos and try to set my camera better...I have to say, i know what will be my christmas gift ;)
Further weathering is on the way, so stay tune!

kedd, szeptember 21

continue of Pz III

I have continue the painting with a little leaching. I have done the dark washes on the tank. I used artist oil paint in VanDyck brown colour, that had been thined highly with MIG thinner ( P239). After 5-7 minutes expectation I have washed down the sloshed surfaces with MIG thinner. I left the surfaces here and there more darkly ( in corners, cracks, weld lines ) or more brightly ( armour-plate's area ).

Next missions : to apply the signals, numbers and dry brushing....