szombat, szeptember 13

Faster! SAS Diorama WIP

After a few years break, this is my new diorama. An SAS jeep will be running down the street, out from a French village with 4 men on board. Three crew members and one injured from another jeeps crew.
The story is based on the historical event, which took place in Les Ormes 22nd aug. 1944. 

vasárnap, augusztus 24

The vignette composition

The project: the scene is Hungary, 5th of January, 1945, at the northern entrance of the village Szomor, in the Konrad operation. The strained Totenkopf soldiers are waiting for the next battle. The figures are from Evolution, Alpine, and a modified Miniart.

Here is a T&N from Mirko Bayerl about the concrete location. (Thanks Mirko all the help!)
This photo has inspired me...

(Note that the schwimmwagen stand opposite, just for the better composition.)

csütörtök, augusztus 21

Joachim got in the VW

So the figure is in the schwimmwagen, this part of the project is done. 

Next time the base...

kedd, július 22

Schwimmwagen done

After a long-long time, finally i have finished a model :) Hurray....
So, the schwimmwagen got the Voyager PE set, DEF models wheels, and BitsKrieg spare rim. The tarp (home)made by A+B putty. The base color is tamiya XF-60, the whitewash ruined by AK heavy chipping effect. Weathered by AK and Humbrol oils.
Next, Joachim the driver ;)

péntek, március 7

GAZ-66 fire-engine

Hello all,

After a little pause I check in again.
I have a new collective project with my friend, Áron. He would like to build a vignette about an apocalyptic theme - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- and he asked me to build a typical russian vehicle from '70-80 years... If I have spirit... So I have built a GAZ66 from old russian kit. The theme is an abandoned and ruined place with a fire- engine and a figure. I had to modify the basic kit and I could make it based on pictures.
The paintwork and building of vignette are Áron's task so he will continue this grande project.
You can see here the result and I welcome your comments.


kedd, március 4

Schwimmwagen interior

I started the painting process with the interior the vehicle. It's almost done, the figure and the steering wheel left...I will make it maybe after i finished the whole schwimmy.
Here are some details: