péntek, december 13

Schwimmwagen with SS officer

Hi Lads!

Here is my little schwimmy from the good-old Tamiya, has been updated with Voyager PE, DEF Models wheels, and Bitzkrieg spare wheel. The figure from the excellent Evolution set. I changed the head for a Warriors one. How stylish is he with that goatee!?

This model will be a part of my new project ;)

hétfő, október 28

PUMA - Ardennes KG von Böhm

The base coat is on, stay tooned for the camo!

vasárnap, augusztus 18

Project canceled :(

Unfortunatly i made some mistakes on the Panther tank, so the project canceled for a long time (maybe i will make a Dragon Panther G late).
The figures however finished, as you see...

After this fail, I changed my modelling philosophy...I will make little vehicles with some figs, cause i haven't enough time to modelling and finish project in times!

So new project is on the way...