kedd, március 30

Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 6: The interior is done

Finally i could finished the interior last night. 
Hans stayed in his position, but just his back show up. I always like those models which has a crew member inside the vehicle with just low visibilaty. For example a driver, who needs a lot of correction of the pose to fit him to the right place. This time the  figure has a hard-connection with the vehicle, and i think its more lifelike against as the crew just stand on the top of the tank.
I put some equipment into the side boxes, like the tarp, jerry-can, helmets, panzerfaust, granade-case, canteens.
I use oils and pigments for the weathering effects just softly.

And the time has come, i glued together the upper and the lower parts. I am so excited to painting the camo. By the way i promised i will show you the camo-map that i drew after studied a lot of photos!!!...soon  :)

(Sorry for the quality of the pics, but i have only 1 lamp right now ;) )

szombat, március 27

BTR-80 Battle of Grozny 1999-2000 (figures)

Figures on the way.
This is the first one. There will be six figures. Most of them in Flora camo, some of them in VSR and "shadow".
The figure was painted with vallejo acrylics, and got some oil wash. It is still far from finished. Russian uniforms oftenly have differences in the shades, so as a modeller it makes easyer to paint it.
In the second Chechen war Flora pattern was more commonly used then VSR but we can find several examples both of tham, amoung other camo patterns. The 6b3 flak vests had this borwnish biege color.

Russian Flora camo

kedd, március 16

BTR-80 Battle of Grozny 1999-2000 (part 3)

Finally I have finished the vehicle itself. I have tryed to capture the dirty look of these warmachines, seen on the archive photographs. The figures and base will be the next step.