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Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 6: The interior is done

Finally i could finished the interior last night. 
Hans stayed in his position, but just his back show up. I always like those models which has a crew member inside the vehicle with just low visibilaty. For example a driver, who needs a lot of correction of the pose to fit him to the right place. This time the  figure has a hard-connection with the vehicle, and i think its more lifelike against as the crew just stand on the top of the tank.
I put some equipment into the side boxes, like the tarp, jerry-can, helmets, panzerfaust, granade-case, canteens.
I use oils and pigments for the weathering effects just softly.

And the time has come, i glued together the upper and the lower parts. I am so excited to painting the camo. By the way i promised i will show you the camo-map that i drew after studied a lot of photos!!!...soon  :)

(Sorry for the quality of the pics, but i have only 1 lamp right now ;) )

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