vasárnap, február 12

BIWA Panther - building done!

Here is my latest work, a BIWA Panther G late, which was belong to the I./Pz.Rgt. 24, during the battles in February 1945, in Hungary. I have to say thanks to Péter Barnaky and Gergő Szaszkó for the informations.
I got the inspiration to make this model from Canfora's Panther book. Gunnar Jansson's panther was the master of mine, so a big thanks goes to him, and to Roger Hurkmans for his help.
The model is the old Tamiya late Panther G, upgraded with Voyager PEs, Aber's barrel w muzzle brake, Friul tracks, Dragon Bosch light and some home-made things (special thanks to Aron for the exhausts and to Demir Ali for the periscopes). 
I plan to make a little vignetta with some figures, but the time will show :)

Please welcome the photos, 
Cheers, Laszlo

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