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DKW-350 with a German postilion

   Dear Visitors,

We have been making small vignette with my friend Béla for a few months.

My task was the building and the painting of the motorbike. Béla will making and painting a figure from The Body in next mounths.
I have built the motorbike from Tamiya for that I have used Aber photoechted parts.
After assembling the motor's main parts it had to be filled and polished on a few joining  points. The next step was the attaching of several pars of the upgrade kit. I haven't used the spokes, only the nave of those.
 I replaced the spoks with thin wires. The spoke of upgrde kit didn't go into the rim of the wheels, unless I rub off the convex part of  the rim. But this wouldn't be realistic. I cut out the nave and chain protector from the plastic rear wheel's rack and I replacedwith thin metal sheet. I deepened the connection of the mudguard and the tire with tapering scalpel. The rear seat rack was a plastic block. I milled it out by original pictures, so the mudguard and the rack are differentiate from together.

I use Gunze acrylic colors for painting after Tamyia black priming. I mixed the yellow's right tone by using Sandy and Dark Yellow. I washed up the surface  with VanDyck Brown. I let the motorbike to dry for a long time , after this I made wearing and rusty spotting. The next phase was the fixing of the decales. After t I made the weathering (muddy marks etc.), for this I used light and dark pigments with enamel. Following this I had been waiting for a week to let the enamel dry. And finally I have painted a thin layer of flat varnish with airbrush.


Thanks for your lookings !

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