hétfő, december 7

My 3 favorite models

Please let me show you my 3 favorite models from the last years.

My Stug 3 Ausf.G based on a photo, which made in Maaseik, Belgium, 1944.
Probably this tank was belong to the 10.SS Pz. Div. "Fründsberg". To copied the damages was a big challenge for me, but i did it, BTW to finished it took about 20 months. Huhh, it was not a speed modelling ;)

The Gaz-66 is a russian beauty, every ex-communist country used it in big number. My truck was a great experience, and i tried a lot of technik specially on the cabin. One day it could be a part of a little vignette...

This Sd.Kfz.250/8 Stummel was inspirated by Mirko Bayerl's same model. The vignette show a peaceful moment in March,1945, when the 6th Pz.Div fought around the Balaton (the hungarian sea). Note the typical hungarian dog, called Puli :)

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