szombat, január 9

Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 2: the lower part

 The winter holiday has given me the chance to start my new project. I began the building process with the lower part of the vehicle, cause i have to paint the interior first. The inside of the halftrack is so puritan, I just use some spare PE parts (e.g.: fire-extinguiser bracket, gasmask and MP-40 holder). I must sand the bench, cause it had too deep wood imitation.

I think everybody knows the famous Pakwagen photo from the Panzerwrecks 2. I love it, its a real veteran. We can note the bald tyre, and hard to believe its still working. I sand the left tyre, and i made some damage on the running surface.

On the front plate there is a hole for the crank. The cap of this hole is usually missed, who cared this little thing in the war!? . I drilled the cap and made the 2 small furrow on the sides. This could be a nice detail on the forepart.

The next step will be the driver, because he have to take a seat before i glue together the lower and the uppert side...

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