kedd, január 26

Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 4: Priming the interior and finished 'Hans'

As for the priming, I always use XF-1 flat black from Tamiya. I try to cover all the surfaces, specially the retired corners, which never get the basecoat and the weatherings, and i think its a good pre-shading technic as well.

I surfed on the Internet last week and i found the real Hans! Yes, its true, he was almost bald, just a little hair on his scruff :) And how bizarr, this photo made in Czech,1945.

And here is the miniature Hans. I didn't paint too much details, he will be just a "supporting actor". The flesh-tones are darker than usual, cause he will sit into the cabin, so I calculated with the light conditions.

The next step is to paint the basecoat of the interior...I take a big soon :)

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