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Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 10: The camo is on

Well, here comes the summer, and the modellers are tempted by other activity out there, so thats why the rarely post  :)

But nowdays, between 2 match of the WC2010 - Vamos Argentina - i have some time to go on with my halftrack. The camo, that i research, has been painted on. I used Tamiya colors, cause its a durable base for the  next weathering steps. The base color is ligth green, the XF-71 Cockpit Green is almost perfect for the late war german green. The idea to use this color were came from a Phil Stutcinskas article in TMMI 111 (Bergepanther G). Thanks Phil! Next part of the camo were the brown. The XF-68 NATO Brown painted direct from the bottle, cause i think the late war browns were darker than the previous browns. This paint is the best i have ever work with... i dont know why, probably its brand new, so fresh with slightly pigments, it was a dream work :) The light color is rather white than yellow. I mixed  XF-2 White with a little bit XF-60 Dark Yellow as i "feel" on the archive photos.

So, the camo is on, and the fun can begin! Please note that the paintwork didnt get the varnish protection, and before it i have to correct little mistakes, but i was so excited to show how it looks like!!!

Here are the pics:

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