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Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D - part 11: The wash and decals

I laugh and cry at the same time, cause the Argentin team fall out of the WC2010, but my 2nd favorite, the Spanish team won the Cup...olé  :)

After some correction on the camo,and painted red primer under the missing parts,  i applied the washes at the details like nuts, bolts, lines with MIG's Dark Wash. I used this technik heavily on the lower side of the vehicle. For the decals, i chose different sets from the line of Archers Dry Transfers. That was the first time i used them, i have to learn how does it work perfectly, but i love it, it's so thin :) I seal the whole model with Gunze Flat Clear, luckily, it has not result a total matt surface, just enough to the following dry brushing.

Some actual pics:

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