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Jaboschreck on Steyr 2000 A building 99% finished

I have finished the bulding phase of my Jaboschreck. It was fun to build it, and I have learned a lot from scratchbuilding during this project. Next time I will do some things different. for example Wood not always a good material. In case of vehicles maybe a bit better to use styrol sheet for this purpose. But I think it is a matter of personal taste.
I decided to build the folding roof wich was mentioned in Thomas Anderson's article (wich my main reference was). He mentions in the part of the original vehicle, but finaly he did not built it to his model. And as I noticed the Leadwarrior conversion kit was also based on his model, so it lacks the roof as well.
I have made the frame from evergreen rods, and some parts from tha Tamiya kit, and the tarp was made from epoxy putty.

Many parts are not glued togeather yet because It will be easyer to paint tham seperate.
After I took the pictures I have noticed that I bluetac-ed the windshield backwards, but I will take atention to this when it will be glued permanent.

Now comes the painting phase, what I like tho most!!


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