péntek, november 19

Pz III/L painting finished

I have finished the painting in 95 %.
The painting has been continued with signals (painted) and numbers (dry decals) applying. I have made the dry brushing on the basic colour with buff as on mending with yellow. I always use artist oils for dry brushing.
( I have never used acryl for dry brushing) When the oils dried, I have mixed two colours for chafing. Either is brighter than basic colour (nearly white), the other is dark (black and brown). I wouldn't have like to make an very rusty vehicle. Therefore I have painted chafing stains wherever was necessary, for example manholes, edges of armor and plates. This has been made with thined acryl paint. With some chafings I have made rusty runoff with oil and dry brushing technic. After all I have started weathering's makings. I used artist oils in tones of brown, MIG pigments (in light and dark tones) and Neutral Wash. I have applied the pigments in pits and corner thined by MIG thiner. Ere it dried fully, I had impregnated with pigment fixer. The upswings have been made by help of brush, artist oil, pigments and airbrush. I have plunged the brush in the thined mix of pigments and oils and blowed out with airbrush on armour. This technic has already known in the face of others. After drying I have applied the track. I have sweated quite a lot, because it hasn't like to set in his tidy place. This piece has got dark tone pigments that has been impregnated with pigment fixer.
This state is presently.


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  1. Nice painting- i like it.
    Only one suggestion for the future- the column light on the back of the tank- the 4 lights should be green. When you raise the dimmer the bottom two lights are red and orange.


  2. It was nice to see your model won a gold medal on the Mosonmagyaróvár competition! Congratulation for that!

    Cheers: Gergo