péntek, december 10

U.S. Special Force Figure #1 - build and basecoat

After some WW2 theme i felt i have to make something different. For the new project, i choose Special Force (SF) and a  very interesting battlefield, Afghanistan. I plan to make a litttle vignette, but i have to choose one of my number of ideas.

BTW, here is the first figure i am working on. This kit is the Airborne Miniature's 3502 U.S.NAVY SEAL/SF. I remade an old Verlinden head, cause the most popular headwear is the baseball cap. So i sculpt a full cap, beard, and sunglasses for my warrior. That was my first try to scuplt something on a figure, and i have to say i love it! Next time i try to make a complete figure ;)

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